About Us

CrossFit is a Strength and Conditioning Training Program designed for EVERYONE! We combine Olympic Weightlifting, Barbell Training, Kettlebell, Basic Gymnastics and Body Weight Movements with Metabolic Cardio Conditioning into a Short Intense and Effective Workout. If you are sick of getting no results or bored with your current program its time to switch to CrossFit. It is constantly varied functional workout performed at a high intensity level. Routine is the Enemy. You will not only look more fit you will improve you Strength, Speed, Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, Cardiovascular, Endurance and overall Sport Performance Level.



Our program offers movements that are constantly changing which keeps you getting stronger, and burning fat the entire time.


Many of the movements performed in CrossFit are highly Functional.You will build real world strength and conditioning for every aspect of your life.


Everything we do in CrossFit is done with intensity. This intensity will not only hone your physique, it will strengthen your mental sharpness as well. High intensity workouts will leave you flat on your back, as well as coming back for more.


It is a known fact that the harder you train, the better every aspect of daily life becomes, start now and become the best you can be.


What We Do


CrossFit Group Classes

A high intensity workout consisting of cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting, and gymnastics combined to form a diverse, all inclusive training program. While our program is designed to challenge top athletes, every workout and movement is infinitely scalable to any fitness level.


Foundations is the first step to joining group classes here at 5 Towns CrossFit. It is a 2 week program that focuses on safety, mechanics, consistency and gradual increase of intensity that is required for group classes.